Welcome to the Club of Sport

Welcome to the Club of







Design, ergonomics, and furniture for sports facilities

Club of Sport has gathered everything needed to take sports facilities to the next level. We have an eye for detail and a wealth of knowledge about ergonomics and acoustics.

We supply the whole package, from furniture, plants, and decor for the lounge to furnishings for the restaurant and acoustics that ensure a superior sound environment. To put it simply, we create spaces between the changing rooms, pitches, and courts where your guests can enjoy spending their time.

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Every step of the way, from start to finish

Our philosophy is to keep things smooth, simple, and hassle-free. A sketch and an online meeting are all we need to begin drawing up a proposal as a starting point.

We can use this to produce 3D environments where we can play around with things in real time together with you. Club of Sport takes care of everything, from drawing to delivery and assembly, ensuring that you maintain full visibility throughout the process.

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Design in real time

Why make things complicated? Our method is based on fast-paced, hands-on work in virtual environments.

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Talk to a club manager

Get in touch and let’s have a meeting to run through any questions you might have and to see how we can take your sports facility to the next level.

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