Padel Zenter

Two padel missionaries, Thomas Sandström and Zlatan Ibrahimović, are behind Padel Zenter, which provides courts approved for games at the highest international level. The centre has the same court supplier as the World Padel Tour.

When playing in other halls, Thomas was disturbed by noise and poor acoustics. In padel tennis, there are hard racket slams and loud shouts between players (padel is always played in doubles). In Sweden, we often play indoors due to our climate. Along with the courts being surrounded by four glass walls, this further amplifies the noise levels. To address the noise rebounding from the ceiling, loop absorbers from Götessons Design Group are used in the ceiling. This is a practical solution, as the absorbers can also be installed between other installations, such as existing fan systems and the roof structure.

Padel Zenter also has sound absorbers with print motifs that provide inspiration and promote the brand visually.

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