Hede Padelcenter

Hede Padelcenter in Kungsbacka is run by three entrepreneurs who wanted to work with something they were passionate about. To create a top-notch package, the emphasis was on sound, light, climate, and design. Or, as Bernt Mathiasson, one of the co-owners, says:

“We wanted to give the players the feeling that they’re visiting a hotel rather than a cold and uninviting sports hall. However, padel is a noisy sport that poses several challenges, especially when, as in Sweden, it’s so often played indoors.”

“We contacted Götessons Design Group, who guided us through the process. We now have a ceiling with white sound absorbers which, thanks to the light reflected from the courts, shimmer in a beautiful grey-blue. In the changing rooms, however, we’ve incorporated vegetation in the sound-absorbent ceiling to create a sense of cosiness. Floor-to-ceiling fabric screens help create a warm atmosphere. Our hall is now regarded as one of the best when it comes to acoustics,” Bernt says.

The furnished entrance lobby features giant sound-absorbent boards that display the names of the hall’s sponsors, among other things. The display boards help to provide a good sound environment and also offer the hall owners an opportunity to promote their sponsors. When changing sponsors, only the fabric needs to be replaced, which makes the product economically advantageous.

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