Halmstad Golfarena

Practising golf often takes several hours a day, even during the winter season, when many people hone their technique indoors. Martin Siljegård, CEO of Halmstad Golfarena, discusses how they planned to make the environment and noise levels as pleasant as possible.

“When we built the hall, we wanted to create an environment where athletes and coaches would be happy spending hours of their time. Coaches and players alike had talked about the importance of the environment being pleasant, so we decided quite quickly to go ‘all in’.”

“We’ve received incredibly positive feedback, both from amateur golfers and from the Swedish national team when they were here last. Coach Niclas Fasth and the putting doctor(!) Jon Karlsen praised the warm atmosphere and the great acoustics that they believe are necessary to maintain concentration during long sessions involving many people,” Martin says.

The ceiling is in a league of its own, with long panels of sound absorbers covered in dark grey fabric. LED strips extend along the sound absorbers and can be controlled to imitate dusk, for example, or to display a variety of colours for a more creative expression.

“Götessons Design Group has taken us up to a new level. The venue is incredibly relaxed – it’s almost like being in a cosy hotel. It’s become so popular among golfers that we’ve even used it as a conference room,” Martin says.

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