Artificial plants

Research shows that merely seeing plants and greenery around us is enough to make us feel better. Vegetation gives people a sense of peace and wellbeing, and it has a huge impact on how we view an environment. However, there’s a reason why plants aren’t traditionally associated with sports facilities.

Halls for ball sports are often large facilities with very few windows. There simply isn’t enough sunlight for a plant to survive. This means modern artificial plants are the only solution.

Only benefits

Artificial plants are maintenance-free. Year after year, they create a sense of calm and wellbeing without needing so much as a drop of water and without any risk of pests. They don’t give off unwanted odours and will never rot.

The artificial plants we offer are modern, sophisticated products that can fool most people, even up close.

Okay, there’s a downside, too

Sometimes the caretakers make the mistake of watering our artificial plants! But this is a problem that shows just how lifelike they are!


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