Lounge furniture

Why limit yourself to what happens on the court? People come to a modern sports facility to spend time, work, and recharge while staying close to their match or training session, which keeps their body and mind alert.

By creating more spaces than the sport requires, you give your guests a reason to arrive a little earlier, stay a little longer later, enjoy themselves a little more, and visit you more often.

Design classics

Enhance the feel of the lounge, café, or pop-up space with some real classics. Our oldest design classic is the Toad sofa. Although it was designed by Ekstrand & Norman in 1968, it has never gone out of fashion.

We combine modern design with furniture and decor that have stood the test of time year after year. Here you can find products designed by the likes of Claesson Koivisto Rune, Axel Bjurström, and Lars Hofsjö.

A place to work

It’s becoming increasingly common for sports halls to have areas intended for work outside of training. We have the furniture and decor to provide your guests with an inviting and relaxing environment to work in, including everything from flexible pop-up spaces to permanent, well-equipped conference rooms.

However, our product range is only part of what we offer. Just as important is our ability to help you design spaces, choose materials and furniture, and pull together the details for an experience you want to offer your guests.


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