Exion Padel Arena

“Passion, excitement, action” – these are the building blocks of Exion, which has now added padel to its activities along with the racing and events at the impressive facility in Värnamo.

We’ve produced large prints with racing motifs, which also act as sound absorbers, to supplement the sound absorbers in the ceiling. The acoustic environment is absolutely world-class.

We’ve supplied furniture for the kitchen, lounge areas, and all the spaces between the courts. We’ve also supplied calming artificial plants and an interior that creates an atmosphere that’s as exclusive as it is inviting.

But it’s about much more than what we supply, as we’ve also designed the environments.

In this project, we had the opportunity to make full use of the Club method and took care of everything from start to finish, in close collaboration with the client. We used drawings to produce a 3D proposal that we could base our discussions on and amend in real time at our meetings.

In this case, our meetings took place on site at Götessons in Ulricehamn. This meant the furniture could be tried and tested in person while we chose, chopped and changed and ultimately agreed on both the interior design and product selection.

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