Götesson Design Group + Bea Gonzales

We are very proud to tell you that Götessons Design Group, which includes Club of Sport, now sponsors padel star Bea Gonzalez.

Bea, who is ranked 5th in the world ranking, along with her partner Marta Ortega, won two Open tournaments and two other Challenger tournaments on the World Padel Tour last year. For example, in Denmark, which was also one of the competitions on the tour in which we had an interior commission and we were responsible for the furniture of the central court.

The next competition in which you will be able to see Bea is in Abu Dhabi from February 22 to 26. This tournament is broadcast live on Viaplay with Swedish commentators.

Despite her youth, the Götessons Design Group player begins her eighth season on the professional circuit, where she remains the youngest in history to debut on it , she did so at the age of 14

Pleas follow Bea on Instagram beagonzales_padel
And of course also follow Club of Sport clubofsport

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