Sound absorbers

Whether it’s hitting the ball or yelling at a teammate, the vast majority of sports produce noise. People often fail to prioritise the acoustic environment. However, the acoustic environment is an incredibly important factor in the sense of wellbeing that a facility creates.

We’ve been able to see in black and white how comfort (thanks to good sound absorption) goes hand in hand with visitor numbers.

Unique material

One of the main sound-absorbent materials we use is EcoSUND. There’s so much to say about EcoSUND – such as the fact that it’s manufactured in Sweden and is 50-percent composed of recycled PET bottles – but perhaps its biggest product advantage in a sports hall is the cohesion it offers. EcoSUND does not release any fibres, meaning it remains intact even when hit by a hard ball.

This means EcoSUND helps keep the air clean. So clean, in fact, that the material is even used in operating theatres.

Sound absorbers in disguise

We can incorporate absorbers into the ceiling either in connection with the construction of a hall or building or during the renovation of older ceilings, when we work around existing fans and lighting.

But a sound absorber can be much more than that. We can produce large prints to hang around the courts that feature inspirational motifs, proud sponsors, or advertising, for example. These are actually printed sound absorbers.

Our sound absorbers are manufactured and supplied by Akustikmiljö, which is part of Götessons Design Group. Watch the video about them below:


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